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Body Sculpting

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What Is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting Reshape the body shrink areas of stubborn fat
Body Sculpting Contours Your Body By
Permanently Killing Off The Fat Cells Under Your Skin

Body Sculpting is the name given to a wide range of procedures that help to reshape the body and reduce areas of stubborn body fat to provide a slimmer appearance. 

Reshape The Body To Give It a Slimmer Appearance​

Shrink Areas Of Stubborn Body Fat

Covid Body Sculpting home service

House Calls, Pandemic Service



Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic and adherence to social distancing guidelines, Beige Beauty offers this service to ensure the clients continue to receive their treatments in a convenient and comfortable environment.


Our Services

Beige Beauty Body Sculpting Threatments
Laser Lipo

This treatment slims and contours the body by using laser beams to shrink unwanted fat cells over time minimizing the appearance of fat deposits.

Body Contouring (One Area)

These treatments are customized specifically for you , the time taken varies for each client. Additionally, these treatments are not limited to one machine, a selection of machines chosen after a one on one consultation.

Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic massages are consummate for a complete and effective recovery after any surgical procedure. The main objective of this treatment is to assist the lymphatic system in removing waste, fluid and toxins that are built up, caused by ruptured lymphatic vessels in or around the areas of surgery.

Liposonix Treatment

This treatment is perfect for permanently eliminating fat cells. It is a FDA approved, noninvasive waist circumference reduction. In other words, get your waist snatched! The average cost for this treatment ranges from $1500 - 3000. Here at Beige Beauty, we are providing this treatment for $155, ONE AREA ONLY. 

Ultra Sound Cavitation

In this treatment low frequency sound waves are used to erupt fat cell production by converting them into liquid that is then dispersed naturally through the bodies filtration system.

Intensive Post Op Care

This treatment aims to eliminate residual fluids and toxins that are inert because of the ruptured lymphatic vessels after surgery. Lymphatic massages accompanied by Ultra Sound Cavitation minimizes the chance of developing fibrosis and seromas

Detox Blanket

An Infrared sauna emits light that immediately penetrates the skin at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The light and heat aids as a detox . This treatment speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and promotes weight loss.

Noninvasive Chin Lift

Radio frequency therapy is a treatment that uses low energy radiation to induce heat to the deep layer of the skin. Thus, eliminating undesirable bulges and shapes around the face complementing the dimension of the clients facial structure , for a more pronounced jawline 

Mommy Makeover

This treatment includes the use of our state of the art machine that comes equipped with Radio frequency . In your session we will focus on your abdomen by heating the skin's deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production and encourage cell turnover. Ultimately diminishing the look of stretch marks, promoting a tighter more youthful appearance.

Butt Lift

Butt lifting treatments is a 45 min treatment that incorporates Wood therapy or Endermotherapy to elevate the buttocks area. Utilizing these treatment methods will help to shape, mold and lift the target area.

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